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South Tower and Basement

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012


The South Tower Gears

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

We resumed with the party moving down the corridor past the secret door, fighting a few more kobolds and searching another room to the left.  It contained a desk with a number of papers and books.  Some of these books have symbols in them similar to the ones on the hilt of the magic sword carried by Boxer.  Continuing on, they come to a locked iron door.  Sapper uses the chime to open it and inside they find a large room with a staircase made of junk that ascends up into a hole in the ceiling.  Going up the stairs, they find themselves inside the tower, and see that it is completely hollow, with massively thick walls and 4 huge grates in the floor.  The hole that they emerged from actually came up between two of the louvers of one grate.  Exploring the room reveals that another grate across the way has another hole with another junky staircase.  They go down to find a similar room with another locked iron door.  They return to the kobold lair and clear out the room where the weasel was thought to come from.  This room has a raised dias and more decrepit crates and barrels, and a couple of quickly-dispatched kobolds.  The party is taunted by a kobold voice that comes from a hole in the wall.  They explore down another passage, and trigger a trap, then decide to retreat and head back to Hexen for a rest.

Upon their return to the orphanage, they discover that Nan has disappeared.  They search the orphanage and ask around, but are unable to find any clues.  Boxer goes to work for Ty and learns that the city passes are documents with an arcane mark, that Ty obtains each day for his runners.  He makes the requested deliveries and gets some gold pieces for his work.  He asks about how to get passes and is rebuffed by a nervous and uncomfortable Ty.

Returning to the lair again, they proceed through the tower to the second iron door.  Sapper uses the chime once again and the door reveals a long hallway.  This hall is described as having very fine craftsmanship and when they step into it, the hallway ceiling lights up for its length. (It goes dark a minute or so after no one steps in it).  The hallway ends in a dark room, and also has some kind of massive hatch on the right side.  The hatch is not a door and it is not hidden, but there is no obvious way to open it.  It looks like it is a huge slab that will slide vertically to open.

The room at the end of the hall is huge - similar in size to the tower.  4 large pipe systems extend up to the ceiling, and are in the same position as the tower grates would be - if they were above this room.  The room itself is filled with boxes, pipes, equipment of some kind and is very dark, damp and cluttered.  In the center of the room is a column of sorts, made of gears and pipes that extend from floor to ceiling.  You find a control panel there with levers and a special lever that appears to use the magic of Boxer’s sword as a power source.  This was determined by noticing similar symbols on the panel and the sword hilt.  When the sword is inserted and levered down, the system responds to the 4 levers being pulled.  At first try, things do move, but Fargen realizes that no action is taking place.  He examines the 4 pipe structures around the room and deducts that they are missing key parts.  The party searches the room for a while, but does not find the missing pieces, but they do get the impression that they are not alone.  They are not molested as they search, and they finally decide to go back to the kobold passages to search there.  On the way back, they find that 2 of the larger gear parts have been used in the construction of the stairs and they continue past to maintain the stair integrity.  Going back to the section where the weasel came from, they follow an unmapped passage, spring a trap and get into a fight with more kobolds, a pit and some doors.  Grunt spends some quality time at the bottom of the pit and the party digs out the last of the kobold resistance.  They find the 2 remaining gears to fix the machine…


The Kobolds’ Lair

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Cam manages to finally out-grapple the net, but not before the door opens next to Sapper and 2 kobolds begin to pummel him.  The alarm continues to sound for quite a while, as the party roots out a number of kobolds, destroys some crates and barrels, and springs some traps.


Once they clear the portcullis, they are faced with a north/south corridor. Sapper heads north, Fargen south. Fargen deals with a blood-letting weasel and Sapper almost gets pulled through a secret door by a troglodyte. More of the lair waits to be discovered, and you know of at least one creature still lives, as the door that the weasel came from has been closed.
However, this effort has not gone un-rewarded. A significant amount of coin, and a couple of nice weapons have been found, and you think that the passages may lead under the city wall in the direction you want to travel.

You take a moment to catch your breath and decide what to do next…