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Hexen » Blog Archive » 1st Session

1st Session

You begin your day by meeting with Nan.  She tells you that you are coming up to the time when you will move on from the orphanage and then asks you to perform a service for her.  She describes a small crypt in the bog to the east-south-east of the city.  The crypt is an ancient marker and she takes or sends a small tribute each year.  This year, she has asked if you would take it for her.  You all agree and accept the small basket of herbs and rare flowers from her garden.  You set forth quickly from the Brown Gate and proceed to head deeper into the bog than you have ever been.

Some time passes and you move beyond your known areas.  Cam and Boxer lead the group and stumble upon a clutch of snakes.  The snakes strike out at the party and bite 3 of your group before they are struck down.  Cam and Fargen are poisoned and lose some of their vitality.  Sapper keeps a few of the snake heads to try and sell.

After more travel, you reach the area that you expect to find the crypt, have some lunch, and begin to search.

Time passes as you search and the party spots, and then handily dispatches a lone Lizardfolk.  You guess that he must have been ousted from his tribe and living alone by the way that he recklessly charged you, with little regard for his life.  You search his corpse and find some gold and surprisingly, a  large blue sapphire.  Sapper judges it to be quite valuable.

Not long after, Fargen spots some stonework and the party finds the crypt.  It is a well crafted stone structure, 15′x10′ with a locked stone door and a small alcove on the wall next to the door with a basin.  Boxer places the tribute in the basin while Sapper picks the lock.  He stands back to let Boxer open the door, and be pierced by multiple darts from a trap within the building.   Exploration of the crypt reveals a stone coffin with a well-made, pivoting lid.  Inside, you discover an equipment cache:  some clothes, a couple of quarterstaves, some food, some gold, and a pouch with some magic berries.  Sapper detects their faint aura, but is not able to discern more.  He helps himself to some of the food, the better quality staff, the gold and the berries and then re-locks the door.

At that moment, the party becomes aware that they are being watched.  Battle quickly commences with 4 troglodytes.  The fight is fierce and stinky and ends with 4 dead enemies, 1 unconscious dog and a weary group.  A couple of javelins and more gold is found and taken.  Sapper and Boxer both clearly heard one of the Troglodytes say,”It must be them, they just were inside.  Get them!”  But no survivors were available to answer questions about this statement.

The journey home takes longer than expected, but is uneventful and your group enters Hexen just after nightfall.  Ian meets you as you arrive home, makes arrangements for healing care and tells you that you may report to Nan in the morning.  He is surprised by the news that you were attacked by troglodytes, as he knows them only to be cave or mountain dwellers.

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