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Search for Jonas

The party rises after a night of rest and notices a buzz about the orphanage.  They find out that barricades have been erected to block the Slums from the rest of Hexen, and that passes are required to cross.  They head to meet with Nan.  She inquires about their journey to the crypt and comments on the unusual meeting with the troglodytes.  She asks further about that encounter and the party tells her about entering the crypt and what they found.  She appears exasperated with someone she names Jonas.  She goes on to explain that she had expected the party to meet up with Jonas, who is a “junior” member of the Druidic circle she herself is a part of.  He is the Swamp Druid and prefers an animal shape of a crocodile.  His duties include rousing the natural defenses of the swamp to prevent undead from crossing through from the Dead Plains.

Nan also explains more about the great cycles, which seem to be era-spanning events, and that one cycle has begun to reach it’s apex.  Her druidic circle takes responsibility for  trying to manipulate the cycle to produce a beneficial outcome for all.  Others exist who would do the opposite, for their own power or selfish benefit.  This cycle requires a group of adventurers to complete certain tasks in order to bring about the desired result.  Meeting the Swamp Druid is the first step.  He will guide the group to the first task, and if they are successful, will reward them as well.  Nan stresses that this quest, if completed, will bring about a bountiful future, for Hexen and for the party members themselves.

Regarding the barricades, Nan feels that they have been erected based on the manipulations of the nobility.  Apparently, the King has been convinced of some kind of threat from the Slums or Bog and feels it is necessary to restrict movement through the city.  She surmises that forces opposed to the Druids’ goals are at work and prompts the party to find a way for them to access the rest of the city, as it may be necessary for their tasks.  She directs them towards Ty Hold as one possible source.  She dislikes and doesn’t trust him, and says that they should “do whatever was prudent” to obtain some passes.

The party visits  The Magazine that morning, and sells some items to Ty for a few silver.  Boxer speaks with Ty and puts in a word for a delivery job, which Ty takes under advisement.  Dorn, Via and Slick are also at The Magazine, in the common room.

Dorn Halfhare is a young, male, half-elf.  He is a noble’s son and flaunts his family’s wealth by the gear that he carries and by how he treats others.  He is accompanied at all times by his bodyguard, Slick, a young human male.  Slick carries the dual swords of the samurai and is said to be an accomplished fighter.  He and Dorn and known to spar often and they both have a deadly reputation.  Via Salandra is a a tall, lithe, female wood elf.  She displays a haughty demeanor towards everyone but Dorn and relishes the opportunity to belittle others with her intelligence.  She studies the magical arts and also wields an elvish bow.

Dorn and his posse snicker while the party trades and converses with Ty.  They offer a snide farewell as the party sets off for the bog.  Once underway, the party encounters a large python, which almost kills Fargen as he rushes right up to attack it.  They slay the reptile and keep the valuable parts to sell later.  A short time later, they come upon a small band of lizardfolk and dispatch them.  Arriving at the crypt they find that the troglodyte bodies have been removed, but there are no other signs of humanoids around.  They spend some time foraging in the area and Cam notes that a certain group of birds have been following them and may be marking their location.  Night approaches and the party decides to make camp in the Crypt.  The door is left unlocked and cracked for some fresh air while some sleep and some keep watch…

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