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Hexen » Blog Archive » Feb 15 - Jonas and the Tower

Feb 15 - Jonas and the Tower

The party is resting in the crypt when they hear a voice from the roof outside.  They meet Ulp the pelican and after finishing their beauty rest, head off to the swamp to meet up with Jonas.  They find Jonas and G’nar and help them wipe out a column of humanoid skeletons that has made it almost all the way across the swamp from the dead plains.

<Welcome to Level 2>

Jonas tells them about Nan’s great cycles in plain language, here is the info:

  • Once every age, the planes align and divine energy is pumped into the Prime Material Plane
  • The central tower of Hexen is like a lightning rod for this energy
  • If nothing is done, all of the gods materialize on this plane and fight, causing massive destruction
  • Hexen can be “configured”  to act as a filter for this divine energy and only allow certain deities to materialize
  • Jonas says that the 6 outer towers should be symmetrical and tasks the party with adjusting the South Tower to match the rest

He gives the party equipment to help them on their journey, and tells them to seek the Plains Druid (to the West) as the next step.  He then returns to the swamp to keep an increasing number of undead from reaching the bog.

Equipment list:

  • Sapper: “Keys to the City” - Chime of Opening and Arcane Thieves Tools
  • Boxer:  ”Secure Storage” - Stone of Alarm and Hewards Handy Haversack
    • Both elves get a masterwork shortbow + quiver and Boxer gets 5 Flame and 5 Frost arrows
  • Cam: “The Carrot and the Stick” - Ring of Mystic Healing and a Piercing&Thumping Morningstar (+1)
  • Fargen: “Feet and Fists” - Rapidstrike Bracers and Cobra Straps
  • Grunt: “Leaping Liz-Orcs” - Boots of Striding and Springing

With this knowledge (and stuff), you head back to town and proceed to catch up with Ty Hold and then try to find a way into the Tower.  Ty is evasive about getting passes through the barricade, but does say that he will have a job tomorrow for Boxer.  (You are also able to sell the skeleton scimitars to a guy in the slums for normal prices).

Next you head to the South Tower to investigate:


  • Each tower is about 600′ across, and about 40′ high.  The city wall is about 25′ high and there is a ladder from the wall catwalk up to the tower.
  • There are no doors or entrances at ground level (except for the pass-through/gate of the Brown Gate)
  • There is a long shallow staircase that leads to the top of the tower, with a guard shack at the head and foot
  • A wooden barracks sits atop the tower along with a couple of guard towers at the edge.  These structures are obviously more recent than the tower itself.
  •  Based upon Fargen’s inspection, he thinks the walls of these towers could be as much as 10′ thick.

With no entry available from the inside, the party heads outside the gates and around towards the lake.  This is a very rocky area, and holds little interest for most boggers.  You find a cave, which leads to an underground passage.  Exploring cautiously, Grunt springs a narrowing corridor trap and wriggles out.  Backtracking, Sapper tries a door and looses a net, which catches Cam and sounds an alarm…

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